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  • Ubuntu Leaders Academy

The aim of the Ubuntu Bridges Program is to promote and restore human dignity, in situations in which it has been wounded or diminished, by empowering servant leaders transforming experiences and contexts of injustice and social exclusion into experiences of justice and social inclusion, reinforcing social cohesion and a sense of belonging.

The metaphor of the "bridge builder" or the "pontiff" best synthetizes this program. Evidence shows that violations of human dignity often result in humiliation, resentment, fragmentation and violence, therefore, the reversing of these situations, through people and organizations that promote the restoration of dignity, respecting the value of truth, of justice and of reconciliation, is sought. The empowerment of these people as servant leaders and pontiffs, particularly those who are targets of exclusion, is at the core of the desired social transformation envisaged. The Ubuntu Bridges program uses non-formal education strategies; however, this method is being developed to also address formal education contexts.

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Pontes Ubuntu

Ubuntu - 5 dimensions

  • Ubuntu - 5 Dimensions




Ubuntu Leadership Academy

  • Seminário I - O início
  • Seminário II - Liderar como Mandela
  • Seminário III - Coragem Cívica
  • Seminário IV - Ultrapassar barreiras, Vencer Obstáculos
  • Seminário V - Autoconhecimento
  • Ubuntu Camp Cabo Verde
  • Seminário VI - Verdade e Reconciliação
  • Seminario VII - Serviço
  • Ubuntu Forever
  • Ubuntu Academy - The impact on the Participants (en)
  • O futuro da Academia Ubuntu - John Volmink
  • SeminarioVIII - Construir Pontes
  • Seminario IX - Vidas Ubuntu
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